Medlock Park Patrol

Join your neighbors in the benefits of Medlock Park Patrol

The Benefits of a Paid Patrol:

  • Off Duty Police Officer will be in full uniform, will patrol the neighborhood and do drive-by checks of participating homes.
  • Off Duty Officer will have radio contact with 911 and respond to all calls within Medlock and will arrive at the location within minutes.
  • House Alarms that are called in will be responded to immediately.
  • Vacation Checks - officers will physically check the perimeter of home while you are on vacation.
  • As cut through commuters is a big concern, Officers will keep an eye out for speeders and reckless drivers who may endanger pedestrians and other drivers.
  • Perform Safety Survey of participating homes for any potential concerns.
  • Pet alert: The paid patrol officer will receive details about lost animals and will be an extra set of eyes to help locate the pet.
  • Password protected membership website will include: Apply for vacation home checks while you are out of town, request house security audit, post lost pets notices, pay online, view detailed reports from officers, quarterly newsletter, events and contact information.
  • Each member receives a sticker that they can apply to their car or house or mailbox, indicating they are a annual member of the Medlock Paid Patrol.

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If you are new to our neighborhood and would like to know more please visit MANA our neighborhood association.

The Medlock Paid Patrol is a nonprofit 501c(4) organization whose mission is to make Medlock Park a SAFER community.  Our team of off-duty DeKalb County Police Officers patrol the neighborhood in full police uniform and have direct communication with 911 dispatch.  Patrols change every week, so there is not a set schedule.  The patrol is operated by a volunteer board and funded by residents and businesses in Medlock Park.

Medlock Paid Patrol Inc
2307 Desmond Drive
Decatur, GA 30033

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